Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Here I Go Again!

I'm here in Tahoe City with Crazy Chris. We are about to set out on the Tahoe Rim Trail. This will be my 4th trip on the TRT. It will be Crazy's first time. The weather looks good. I'm carrying a pretty light load since my doctor made me promise it would be light. 17 pounds with food & gear. I'm hoping the water situation is ok. There was only one section I remember running out of water last year. I talked to the clinic in Sisters. It's been confirmed I have giardia and two other parasites...GROSS.....I knew I had aliens living inside me. LOL... They said finish up the antibiotics and I should be fine. Hey at least I won't get Giardia on the TRT, because I already have it. We hope to finish in under 5 days. We will see how it goes. My legs are sore from yesterday. It was my first day back to crossfit. Well stay tuned.

XOXO, Catra

Monday, September 3, 2007

My PCT 2007 - Final Post

Be grateful for a new lease of life. Long-standing situations, stalemates or deadends now come to an end. The universe has taken note of your situation and is prepared to repair or correct it. You for your part must be prepared to let go and to co-operate with the universal energy. The past is now beginning to fade and regeneration is beginning. Accept all that is going to be offered, you will be delighted with how it will change your life.

This is my last post to my PCT 2007 blog. Thanks to Mer for sending this cool judgment card which is so fitting for my situation. I am deeply touched by all the kind words and thoughts from everyone. I never imagined what an impact my hike would have on so many wonderful people who followed me in this world.

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