Monday, July 30, 2007

Days 67-68 - Sun-Mon, July 29-30

(Dirt Diva's Report)
Here is the view of Mt Lassen (10,457') in the distance as I left Hwy 36. I left The Corrupter on Sunday. His ankle was sore and he wanted to do less mileage. I got lost on Monday and ended up on the highway doing an extra 6 miles. Oh well , it's all about the journey, right? ; )
Here I am passing along the foot of Mt Lassen I didn't have to climb higher than 6700'.

I'm in Old Station (mile 1380) at the Heitman's on Monday evening. They are awesome trail Angels with a really cool house. Dennis & Georgie Heitman provide food and drinks for the hikers and put on breakfast and dinner. They even have a tree house that I'm going to hopefully sleep in tonight. There are about 13 PCTers hanging out here.

I'm going to head out for a short run. A bunch of hikers slack-packed to Burney yesterday and got a ride back here today. I might run that section backwards and get a ride back to the trailhead. Not sure though - might as well since I'm not doing a speed record. I really do miss running. I will decide tomorrow.

That's all for now.
Dirt Diva



Love ya Catra!! You're doing great!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Amazing adventure you are on.
I am greeeeeennnn to the core with envy!
Ah well, living vicariously isn't all bad :-)

Anonymous said...


What a trip to hear you talking about running!*!*! Superfantastic on the Tahoe 50m. Sweet stuff in the middle ~ just enought to give ya a little variety, n'est-ce pas?! You're looking very snazzy with the NetHead again.

You go, Woman. Run your heart out under the Full Moon.

All love,

Ps. Not one, but two, desert turtles came out to see me on the 50 Year Trail Sunday afternoon. Too cool. And i did not see one human! A bizillion little lizards and a lot rocks were also keeping me company. Ciao.

rockhoundkathy said...

Hi Catra, It's Kathy, You're making great progress! I've been telling TRT thru-hikers( when I'm running)about you and they're amazed! Ruby had a great time at Mt.Hood and wants to start our hike Friday. You're Awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on great progress... I found your blog while checking out other trail runner blogs... Your story is great. Keep it up!

I love the fact that while your hiking the PCT you feel like you want to go out for a "quick 6 mile run"... it so amazing how our perspective of distances change once we cross over into ultra distances. Me I just race 140.6 miles (Ironman) but still anything less than a 40 mile bike ride or a 10 mile run just doesn't seem like its very far at all...

Anyway, keep up the great work!