Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day Four - Sunday, May 27

After hiking for about 10 miles we reached Hwy 78 and decided to hitchhike into Julian, about 12 miles away. Since I am doing less mileage per day than I planned, I am 2-3 days behind my 78 day schedule I made and am about out of food. I expected to be at my first resupply drop in Anza on the fifth day. We were able to catch a ride with a marine from Camp Pendleton in a RV to Julian. There was a street fair going on and we met a woman at one of the booths who let us charge our phones.

Here I am chillin' with my feet up after we bought our food.
Or maybe it's really a product placement ad for my friend, XY's dirty girl gaiters. LOL! They sure were a lot brighter a few days ago!

To get back I made a little sign that said "PCT Hiker needs ride 12 miles to trail". The boys stood back so we didn't scare off people that might give us a ride. A woman passed us, then turned around and came back to give us a ride. She said she had never picked up hitchhikers before but just had a feeling about me.
We got back on trail and reached mile 87 before setting up camp. Our packs are really hurting our shoulders. The boys packs are about 35 lbs, mine is 25 lbs. I had planned on sharing time carrying the tent with SB. I need to lighten my pack load. Jerry has to repack all of resupply boxes after SB took his stuff out so I'm going to send back some clothes like my one coat and a long sleeve shirt and have him send it back after Kennedy Meadows.

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mer said...

Miss Catra ~

Oh, . . . i'm so glad you made it over to Julian. It's sucha funky fun place and the eucalyptus trees there are the best.

Keep moving, Woman! You are on a Rock n' Roll ;)