Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Day Five - Monday, May 28

Well, it's Memorial Day but we don't get a Holiday today. Got to keep moving since I'm behind. I don't really know anyone who died in a war but today makes me think of my Mom and Dad and how much I miss them but I know they are watching over me out here.

Hey, don't you think that Greg should give me an automatic entry into Western States next year since I'm doing such a good job of advertising his race wearing my WS pack in front. The only problem is the buckle in back is underneath my pack and is digging into my back and making a sore spot. I'll be glad to get rid of it after the desert.
Sorry Greg ;-)

We reached Warner Springs (109 miles) for the night. My pack is extra heavy with all the extra frickin' water I'm carrying. The boys gave me some pieces of foam to put on my shoulders under the straps. I've got to get rid of some things - I am sending back my tent and then I'll get it back in Kennedy meadows. I called Jerry and told him to buy a lighter sleeping bag to send me. My Phantom is nearly 2 lbs and with my tent takes up most of my pack. I need a bag like the Marmot Hydrogen that is 1 lb 5 oz and really compressible.

With my pack on I feel like I should be in a commercial for "I've fallen and can't get up!" LOL!!

When I call Jerry, he tells me some of your comments posted on my blog. Thanks everyone for your good wishes and encouraging thoughts. Jerry is going to send me copies at a town every week so I can read through them at night.


olga said...

Catra, dear, you are moving, slower or not. I am sure you'll pick it up once the opportunity comes along. Gosh, those sore spots are no fun! Lighten up and hopefully still have the important stuff!
Lots of good vibes, girl!
I got email from Jerry, thanks:)

runrgrrl7 said...

I wish i can fly and be there with you! BE STRONG like always!


Jurek said...

You are an inspiration to the rest of us! I keep thinking of you and check your blog frequently. Amazing how you are able (and willing!!!) to keep it up.

christine said...

hey catra!
sorry to hear about SB...though i think that day we spent together up at mission peak i think you had a slight premonition that he might not be in it for the long haul...you steeled yourself to press on and YOU ARE. i totally got chills when you commented on jerry's encounter with "your boy's"....it thought the very same thing and am so glad that you have good company on your adventure...jerry is such a good friend and protector (thanks jerry) stay strong and positive and sweet dreams under the stars!

Eudemus said...

Keep rocking on Catra! SB may have left your trek, but you've got some new companions and tons of us "virtual companions" following right along with you here online. Just imagine us on the trail with you if you need to (though it might be a bit crowded!) By the way, I heartily recommend the Marmot Hydrogen. Best bag I have ever owned.

e-rod said...

ok, that's a funny pic. i thought for a sec there that you were doing your WODs. lol.

JeffO said...

Don't worry too much about the schedule this early. In fact, don't WORRY! That sucks energy.

You'll make it. You've done the training. You have the history that shows you can do PCT on schedule. It's going to happen. It will take some time at the beginning to perfect your routine and gear. Don't let this swamp your morale. When you get the kinks out of your journey, you'll be flying.

willgotthardt said...

Yes...kudos to Jerry.

Very admireable.

Will G.

dp said...

slower or not at least you're going. i had a feeling that this PCT adventure was going to be yours alone. Sorry about SB. With all your intense prep i wondered.

Stay with it. you'll pick up the pace after this headwind of trouble. i'm thinking you'll make your schedule for sure. hang tough. we're all watching and with you.

dp from nystate

jlynnbob said...

Sending you good hydration vibes from a very wet North Texas! Keep it up Catra...you can do it!

Lynn B

Jo Lynn said...

I also thought you were doing a WOD in that one photo. LOL
This is so great, you letting us experience this adventure right along with you. It's so exciting! I anxiously await new postings. Thanks for letting us tag along.
~Jo Lynn

Laura H said...

Great going Catra - you are an inspiration! I truly enjoy your posts and look forward to more virtual hiking with you. Sending good vibes your way....

mer said...

Amazing Catra ~

Quite lovely to see you smiling your real deep true smile out at us while you're chillin' on the (hot) pavement. Love those new black slippies you got. Very chic ;)

Today's meditation is all about:


Discard old patterns and get into rebirth and reinvention. With your Pack o' Sons and new direction, you are way, way ahead of the game.


Jen said...

Carta, I'm sending out good vibes to you.
You rock sister! Be well and lite footed!

joerunner said...

Sounds like your just getting things fine tuned and warmed up. I look forward to your updates. Keep it up Catra!

IM Able said...

What you are doing out there -- and the snippets I get to read about the experience -- is awe inspiring to me. I'm about 2 years into my own recovery and turned to Ironman for my solice. But I envy your dedication and bravery. Each day your site is updated, I can't wait to read the progress.

Safe and swift travels!