Monday, May 14, 2007

First Post

Me and Julien are Ready To Go!! Count Down to the 24th... I have to skip my Ohlone Wilderness 100 miler this weekend to be sure we have everything ready. :(


Catra said...

Hey Jerry-
I gave Julien a trail name. He is now Suicide boy.
So "Dirt Diva & Suicide Boy" will be the super heros of the PCT this Summer.

July said...

I will think of you two during this tour.

julien' girlfriend

GB said...

You guys are awesome! I can't wait to read all about your adventures out there.

Bob Gentile said...

WOOO HOOO Going to be FUN to follow along!!


joerunner said...

I'm totally psyc'd for you guys. Good luck. If you need any directions when you get to Oregon PCT let me know.

R. Wilkins said...


You continue to be my hero.

Catra said...

Thanks everyone. We start Thursday it's going to be FUN!!!!
Well most of the time ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Catra and Julien! I admire your adventuresome spirit. Have a great time and I will be following your ultra adventure closely. Totally awesome endeavor!

Mark said...

Hey, Catra, was wondering why you didn't do your traditional Ohlone x3+ run this past weekend with Mylinh and Chau, and now I know why, and of course, for something monumentally in keeping with your amazingness. Wow-- will follow your trip. Good luck! (Tanaka)

maureenmoran said...

Hi Catra,
You are so amazing! You must be at the border today! Maybe I'll hear of oyur where abouts this weekend. Todd's cabin will be busy (just north one mile of air force road/mile 24.5 on Sunrise Hwy).
Love ya,
Maureen Moran

Joe said...
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