Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day Six - Tuesday, May 29

Me, Julien and Jerry stopped at a place called Casa De Fruita on the drive down and I bought two new bracelets to wear on the PCT. I'm wearing them on my right wrist in my pictures. One is my December stone, obsidian which is for safe travel and gives me increased energy and helps my legs and feet. The other is jade which brings good luck and confidence and helps my kidneys and bladder. I think they're working but I had to tape the balls of my feet since they are really sore for the weight of my pack. No real blister problems yet though.

Ed, an outdoor columnist, from the San Diego Union Tribune interviewed me at my motel in Pine Valley on last Wednesday. I was able to buy a copy of the Sunday paper with this article (click here for story). He said after talking with me I inspired him to get in better shape.
This morning, the boys had a group meeting and decided that I should go ahead without them since I wanted to go at a faster pace than them. Luckily, we had met up with the Russian woman, Dina and me and her decided to hike together. Her American host, Lon who she was staying with in Minnesota, is a day or so ahead of us and she wanted to try to catch him. We hiked together until early afternoon but she was too slow so I took off by myself. I have now passed 9 hikers that left before me. I made it to mile 127 to camp alone for the night.


mer said...

Amazing Girl Who Sleeps Alone Under The Stars ~

My, my, my.

Isn't it ALWAYS so righteous how the whole Universe, your Fates, watch out for you ~ giving you every little thing you need exactly when you need it?!?!?!?!?!!?

And, yes, Ma'am, i am amazed by it all, too.

Remember ~ all of us out here are looking at the same stars as you and sending as many vibes as there are twinkles (that means endless infinity vibes).


Eudemus said...

One must always stop at Casa De Fruita when leaving the Bay Area for the Southland via Hwy 152. It is one of the most important traditions of any road trip I have ever taken in that direction and I usually start muttering an annoying little mantra as we get close, "casa de fruita de casa de fruita de case de..."

If you feel yourself getting lonely out there on the trail, just remember that you are channeling all that natural beauty to those of us sitting at out desks inside office buildings. You truly are an inspiration to many!

JeffO said...

The momentum is building...
You're settling into your groove. Awesome job, Catra!

GB said...

Great article, Catra. You will conquer the trail in 78 or faster. You're haulin' ass right now! Be sure to rest well when you can. I hope you don't mind that I'm including you in my prayers everyday, for your safe and successful journey. :-)

e-rod said...

it almost seemed predestined that you would be trekking solo...

stay safe.

e-rod said...
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runjoey said...

Keep going strong and stay safe California Girl. I wish I had the time to come join you for a while.

Jen said...

whoot you rock! There are times to wait for others and then there are times to dust them!

Anonymous said...

You are a force of nature in yourself Catra! I wish you safe travels, constant tailwinds, and a pocket of decreased gravity that follows you along your journey!

Thank you for sharing in such detail your journey with us!

heather said...

WOW! Already soo much adventure and only six days in!

You are my inspiration.
Be careful out there!

RJ Lewis said...

You are definitely my inspiration for next year Catra. I know I can't do the mileage you do, but you give me strength and courage to do the PCT at all, coming back from the back injuries I have. Thanks! I know I can make it and I know I can do it solo- I'm perfectly capable of making it, and on my own. Wow! Whatta gal!
Thanks so much for all you are to us gals out there Catra!