Friday, June 1, 2007

Day Seven - Wednesday, May 30

Quiet day by myself on the trail today. Started the day just under 5000', had a small climb of about 600', dropped into Coyote Canyon to 3500' and then climbed back to 5040' by the end of the day. Here is what I did today on the elevation map. I camped on a hill near Penrod Canyon Creek at mile 155.

I decided to skip my first resupply since it was a 6 mile hike off trail to Anza. I had picked up enough food to last to the next town and decided I didn't want to do the extra 12 miles at this point.
If anyone wants to come out for a couple of days with me, I would enjoy the company. I expect to be at mile 180 near Idyllwild on Thursday night. You can call my cell phone, 510-585-6559 as I am getting reception in most areas here.

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