Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 97 - Monday, August 27

Here is Terry's Report of his meeting with Catra:

Here are the two pictures I got. One is of Chris, who we ran into while he waited for his MIA brother. He was suspected of hiking to meet them on the trail and missed them somehow. The other pic is of Catra and me out in front of her motel in Sisters. Sisters, is a quaint little mountain resort town that funnels all mid-Oregon traffic down main street and prides itself on having no stop lights. Sisters has a highly rated health food store that has the world class fruit smoothies. Kay and I ate dinner there while we awaited word of Catra's whereabouts.

Again, for future reference, the USPS does not deliver into Elk Lake and management does not pick up in Bend everyday. Additionally they seemingly attempt to extort from hikers exorbitant fees for making the Bend pick-up. We were told the FedEx and UPS do make deliveries there. Elk Lake did have a pretty nice restaurant with both inside and out-door seating. It seems worth the short diversion off the PCT to get some "non-trail" food.

Catra looked good and was hiking strong in spite of her illness. She should start feeling better soon after treatment starts. What a major drag, giardia.

Thanks Jerry, for all your help and effort. Kay and I were a day or less behind her as we chased her through the Cascades for those four days. We were happy to have finally caught up to her. Keep me on the list for any future Mid-Oregon PCT adventures. Also, if Catra gets up here to run any ultras, we can provide her with a car and/or support out of Eugene.


Anonymous said...

Feel better Catra!

Crazy Chris said...

Terry & Kay, thank you sooo much for the food and drinks at the trailhead, very nice. The Diva is lucky to have friends like you!

JeffO said...

What about the knee? Is this a seperate thing, or does giardia attack your joints too? Where's the pain - between the bones or outside?

Catra this journey is epic. So glad you have help, but wish it was all the time instead of sporadic and distant.
Stay strong - we're all pulling for you.

olga said...

JC, you've got no insides to loose to giardia, you 100 lbs girl! I can't believe it hit you so horribly, I mean, I so don't want it happening! And now is the knee...may be you want to stop for a couple of days and get better? Or may be trails will treat your soul...tough girl, Catra, proud to know you!

Eudemus said...

Catra, we're all pulling for you here. I hope the giardia clears up quick and your knee feels better. Keep up the positive attitude!


Sorry you got sick Kiddo!!! Hang in there we're all sooo proud of you! Love ya!!



runrgrrl7 said...

Get better soon. You're STRONG. SENDING TONS OF ++++++VIBES!


Timecheck said...

Great blog. Susan and I following with interest. We finished section hiking from Burney to Ashland Aug 2, so it's fresh in our minds. Is Data Book any better in Oregon? Data is not really fault of Data Book, he just has data points from the guidebooks.