Monday, August 6, 2007

Days 73-75 - Sat-Mon, August 4-6

(Dirt Diva's Report)

Ok, so Erik the Black and I made it to Mt Shasta City Saturday. We hitched in and by pure luck we got a ride from a trail head from a guy that we saw pouching the trail on his mountain bike a few hours earlier. We really had a better chance being struck by lightning.
We have had really good luck hitching together. Not sure since we look like we belong in a punk rock band. That's what the ranger in Burney told us.
Mt Shasta City was a nice little town. We headed out today with good intentions of hitting the trail. We got a ride to the trail head but decided to do the road walk into Castella to the store. We arrived there to find Abacus, Nadine and her dog Pancha, and Burning man. They were all hitching to Dunsmuir. We headed to the store and met up with Ricola and 2 other hikers but can't remember their names. We hung out for a while and thought let's do a trifecta and hit all the towns today. We immediately got a ride from a young guy from LA. Whenever me and ETB hike together we manifest rides, that's why we get them right away. LOL... Well, that's what I tell him it's all about manifesting what you want.
We are in Dunsmuir along with Bull, Jugz , Big Cat, and 6 others.
I'm at the Library so have to make this short. I WILL BE ON THE TRAIL TOMORROW.
It's all about the smiles not miles. Well, that's what all the hikers say. And they're right it's all about the fun times.
Love to all of you.


JeffO said...

You're really in your groove, now, Catra. Keep it up!

You've been lucky. I know a guy doing the CDT who had to quit. He's a strong guy who can walk over 100 miles with a full pack in one day, but he had an epic night fending off lightening at 11,000 feet while a griz roared and scrounged outside his tent, then the next day his shoulder turned yellow, then black, and he had to stumble out of the mountains.

We live such manicured lives with our coffee shops and grocery stores. Out in the woods, small things can suddenly become huge and life-threatening.
It's all about extremes, though. In the mountains, you also get the extremes in meeting great people and experiencing sights, sounds, smells, and spiritual events that can't be found in the city.
You are so cool, Catra. Take care!

John Henry said...

As I was climbing Mt. Shasta during the Mt. Shasta Super Century (a 135 mile 16,500 foot gain bicycle ride) I felt that you were near! I felt your strength help me as I suffered up the last few miles of the last climb.

Keep going girl!

olga said...

Smiles not miles - now that is a new motto!!!

Jurek said...

You are SO RIGHT about the "smiles not miles"! It applies to "The trail of life" as well. Thanks for the narrative and for the pictures. It's such a treat to follow your progress!

mer said...

~*~*~*~*~*~ C*A*T*R*A ~*~*~*~*~*~

The Crown says it all. In this moment, you are The Queen of The Queen of All You Survey.


Dirt Diva said...

John Henry-
I was there Saturday night until Monday when I hitched out. I knew about the bike race becouse I got the last motel room in town that night.
Damn I would of come out to cheer you on. I notice along the PCT when I crossed a couple roads orange spray paint on the roads that said turn aroud. I bet those markings were for the race. Awesome job you ROCK