Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Days 92-95 - Thurs-Sun, August 23-26

This past week has been up and down for me. One day I feel good, the next day my stomach explodes, if you know what I mean. I feel like I have an alien living inside trying to get out.
Crazy Chris jumped on board at Crater lake. Bull, Chris and I spent a couple days together and then Erik showed up. We hiked together for a couple days before Erik & Bull decided to hike the Eugene trail into that town. Me & Crazy had lots of fun. He did awesome and hung with me for 6 days. He hit the trail right off his couch and said he was looking to be inspired. I think it worked. ;-)
Saturday morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my right knee. I took advil and ignored it all while hiking 30 miles. We went into Elk Lake and I was suprised to find out my resupply wasn't there but was in Bend. The Elk Lake Resort owner said we are supposed to send boxes by UPS but the Data Book doesn't state that. Oh well, I decided just to move on. My stomach problems have gotten worse and I'm hardly eating anything.
Sunday, me and Crazy were going to meet his brother at HWY 242. He wasn't there but his van was. I decided not to wait for him and got a ride into Sisters from some trail angels.
In town I ran into Terry, a fellow ultrarunner from the Oregon Track Club Masters and his wife, Kay. I didn't know it but they had been driving and running all over the mountains between Elk Lake and Hwy 242 / Sisters for four days trying to find me. He and Jerry had exchanged many e-mails, text msgs, and phone calls trying to get him connected with me. I didn't know any of this because I didn't have cell service. Terry and Kay were camping with their family at Lava Lake and making all these side trips looking for me. Finally, on Sunday they met Chris in Sisters and found out I was in town. They had driven into Bend to pick up my resupply from the Post Office. They delivered it to me plus brought me tons of goodies including several raw food dishes. Their spread was way better than any aid station I've ever seen in a 100 mile race! I ate some stuff but didn't want much because of my stomach. They were truly amazing for coming all the way out to meet me. I take back any things I said earlier on my blog about Oregon people not being friendly. Terry & Kay, you guys ROCK.
Chris's bro finally made his way out of the woods at 7 pm. We were worried when he wasn't near his van when we had been there earlier in the day. Turns out he had hiked out to us but took a different trail than we did.
Woke up in the middle of Sunday night with my right knee swollen. I can hardly walk. I have an appointment at the clinic to see what's up. :-(

Sorry, no pictures since I haven't been able to send any.


Crazy Chris said...

Thanx so much for letting me join you and re-live the PCT experience! A 100 pound girl with giardia and a bad knee carrying a 30-35 pound pack and you're still like the energizer bunny. Your drive and willpower are amazing, thanks for the inspiration, Crazy Chris

ReneeMc said...

Take care of that knee, kiddo! You're amazing, and I hope you get to feeling better soon.

mer said...

Princess SwollenKnee ~

Well, crap. That's what i thought when i read about your stomach. Then the big knee and walking probs, and i thought some other things besides "oh crap". For you, Princess Swollen Knee, this is jsut another challenge. A lesser woman would quit. Nope, not you. You go to the clinic and find a way to amke this work. Like i wrote 90 something days back, YoU aRe AmAzInG.

Go Girl. The Universe is on Your side and nothing can stop you.


Anonymous said...




We,re all pulling for you!!!!