Monday, August 20, 2007

Days 86-89 - Fri-Mon, August 17-20

After we left Ashland, Erik the Black got sick and we had to leave him behind. We hoped that he would recover fast so he could catch up to us. On Thursday night, I got sick too and have not been eating much since then. I only ate 200 calories on Friday. I just have no appetite. We are hearing a bunch of hikers are sick with stomach issues. Probably related to the low water in the creeks and increased bacteria levels. Hopefully it passes quickly.

On Friday, me & Bull made it to Brown Mountain Shelter (mile 1771) It's getting cold at night and is looking like it's going to rain. Bull chopped some wood so we could have a fire. It didn't rain but we were glad to be inside. I am going to have to get my rain pants and warm jacket sent out soon.Bull's wife, City Girl did the first 900+ miles of the PCT to Mammoth Lakes but decided to go home since she was holding up Bull and needed to go back to work. They just got married last September. She may have a chance to get on America's top model show.

On Saturday, my friend, Mike Palmer held his annual Psychedelic Climacteric run in the Berkeley hills. Since I wasn't there to run it, me & Bull did our Oregon version - 33 miles in 11:30. I called Mike to let him know so he could post our time in his results. ;-)

We passed these rocks someone left to show that we reached 1800 miles. The trail may not be the yellow brick road to OZ but it is still this really pretty pink volcanic rock leading us through this section of OR. Nice to have a color-coordinated trail to hike on! LOL!
On Sunday we got caught in a huge rainstorm. We were soaked and got so cold we could hardly function. :-(

We reached Crater Lake (mile 1830) on Monday afternoon. I am still having intestinal problems. I have my last food resupply box at Elk Lake in Bend. I am not going to have any more food sent out after that. I have tons of food in my bounce box and can just buy food I need from here through Washington.

A guy named Chris from Santa Cruz, CA who hiked the PCT in 1979 is coming out to meet us here in Crater Lake to hike 4 days north.


the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Yay Catra! Hope you feel better soon - it's a truly amazing thing you are doing. Keep it up, girl!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Girlie,
Take care of that tummy. I hope it doesn't last too long. I loved that pink trail -- that's MY kind of trail! I hear Oregon is beautiful and so far it looks to be true. Keep up the good work.
Love & Hugs sent your way.

Anonymous said...


I've been following your progress and having fun along with you. I spent 4 days on the AT a couple weeks ago, and got a feel for what you are doing. Sort of. Best wishes to you from Virginia!

Keep it up!,
Neal J.

Tiffany Burmeister said...

Hey Catra- We've read about you in my brother Gesh's journals. Keep up the good work. Hope your feeling better, Keep pushing, have fun, stay strong, your almost there. Its an amazing adventure. We look forward to reading your blogs, just as much as we do Gesh's.
Tiffany Burmeister & family as well as the Meier Family.

Dieselmota said...

Love your updates, thank you. Hope you feel better soon.

Imagine that, you are starting to count your "lasts"... Last food resupply box, soon you'll count your last mile for a while.

Are you still planning to live at Everest base camp next year or two? Nevermind, let's enjoy THIS adventure before thinking ahead so much...


hao said...

hi catra,

hope your intestinal problem goes away soon. you rock girl! happy trails in oregon.



Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Hope your feeling better! You all are doing great!

olga said...

Wow, any closer and you could have joined us for Waldo 100k last weekend! Crater lake Catra!

Michelle said...

I hope you feel better soon and that this bug passes quickly. Hopefully it doesnt get worse.

Oregon is beautiful and I imagine you will hit a lot of rain in your upcoming days.

Thinking of you and be safe.

Jurek said...

1800 miles in 89 days! You are a trooper! Congratulations...

I worry about you but I also know that you are a reasonable girl and you know when to quit if need be. There are many miles that will still want to run after you finish PCT.

Stay safe! Have fun!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

Hi Catra! you inspire us all! We have been following your progress and just wanted to are just amazing. We hope your stomach issues go away and that you can start to eat more...Keep the faith and stay in the moment.

Anonymous said...

yo don't know me but i'm one of your montrail teamates. just finished a thru of the AT on Katahdin 4 days ago. keep rolling. the trail life is a great life one day at a time. hell yea girl. will be watching your blog. good ink.

Woodstock (aka Billy Simpson)