Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Days 80-84 - Sat-Weds, August 11-15

Well, I finally made it to Oregon 3 days ago. I thought I would never make it.
On Sunday, I was in Seiad Valley and Erik the Black magically appeared with Bull. I was happy to see he was doing great. They partied in Etna and then with Erik's special powers they appeared out of nowhere after they had been over a day behind me ; )

Along the way I came upon a large patch of wild blackberries. I stopped to pick and eat several hand fulls - they were yummy!

When I was hiking into Seiad Valley I had to do a long 6 mile road walk. You might think that would be easy being on flat road -- but the asphalt surface was hard and hot since I'm used to forest trails. I was not happy and my shoes were falling apart. The soles were coming unglued - I've never had Hardrock shoes do that. Good thing I have new shoes waiting in Seiad Valley for me.

The PCT doesn't actually go through many towns but does go through Seiad Valley (mile 1662). There is only one building with the post office, small store, and small restaurant all inside. The restaurant is famous for its "Pancake Challenge". You get 2 hours to eat five 1-pound pancakes and make it out the door without losing them. If you do, you get a tee-shirt plus you don't have to pay the $9.95 for the pancakes. Two hikers, Fester and Breeze were going for it when I was there. Fester ate two and felt sick. Breeze got down 3¼ and that was enough for him. There has been only 10 people who have completed it in 22 years - all PCT hikers except for 1 pig farmer.
We all stayed in the RV park where they had a gated-off area with hay for the hikers to camp on. I felt like we were animals at the petting zoo.

I met a little friend, a kitty named Roscoe. He was so very cute I wish I could of taken him with me.
Erik the Black & I took off out of Seiad Valley together. It was hot but we were on a mission to make it to the Oregon border sign that night. Which we did.

I came up with a goofy idea that we would write on each other. ETB was ORE and I was GON. It was super cold and we stood there forever at ten'oclock at night writing on each other. We got a few good shots.
We camped just a little ways past the border. We saw a light and it was Bull who had caught up with us. We all decided to head into Ashland the next day.

We all decided to do this road-walk option. We were doing great hiking along and dreaming of the yummy food that we would eat in Ashland. Well somehow we ended up on Road 22 when we were supposed to be on Road 20. We had somehow gotten off course - way, way off course.
We realized it too late to turn back and could only go forward. I just told myself it's all about the adventure. And yes, this was an adventure. It was hot and we saw two cars at a trail head. We figured we could get a ride out when they came along.
We saw a Ranger and told him our story. He said it was 7 miles to the road so we walked and walked and walked... Finally along came one of the cars with this girl driving who just shook her head no as she drove past us. Boy, were we pissed! It was obvious we weren't crazies - well, maybe to her we were. That was our ride out. We did see three cars pass going the opposite way. Let me remind you that we were in the middle of nowhere on a logging road. Just when we were bitching about the people in Oregon and how they were supposed to be nice which we thought they weren't - thanks to the girl in the red car that shook her head no at us - a van turns around. It was a Mom with her son. Mom was teaching the son to drive. They pulled over and said they would be honored to give us a ride into Ashland. We were very, very thankful that they were so nice. We got lucky!
Ashland (mile 1726) is a nice little city with a great little food coop. I went into the local running store, Rogue Valley Runners and who do I see...Montrail team-mate, Ian Torrence. It was great seeing him. A minute later who walks up but another team-mate, Hal Koerner who owns the store. He is the Angeles Crest 100 mile 2006 winner and record holder plus he won Western States this year. It's a great store so if you're ever in town, stop by - it's on Main Street in Ashland.

I am still having fun and thanks to all of you for your posts.

Well, we're out of Ashland on Thursday morning and I will put the pedal to the metal and get through Oregon.

Oh, I want to give a shout out. My friend, Tattoo Joe got the speed record on the PCT following the official route. He did not take the current reroute. His time was 79 days and a couple hours.
We are already making plans for my 2009 return to take a shot at the woman's speed record. He is my inspiration and hero of the PCT. Tattoo Joe, U ROCK...
Picture courtesy of Terri Steele-Friends, Heroes & Legends of PCT Gallery

Love to all,
Catra AKA Dirt Diva


streak said...

Catra- you rock! Congrats on the Ore Gon achievement and the adventure of a lifetime. I am always sending positive vibes and wishing for your safe travels. Many happy trails!

joe said...

Making it to Oregon has got to be a major lift. Congratulations Catra! Hope I get to see you up near hood.

olga said...

Welcome to my state, Catra! That woman wasn't local:( And congrats to Joe on his record!
Keep updating, and call me when you near the top of the state and Gorge area.

mer said...


Rock on, Sister!*!*!*!!*

Olga's right. No way that chick is local. my sis lives in Portland and i know for a fact that everyone i saw there was ultrafriendly.

i ate a Clif Nectar Bar on the way in to the office (my next to last week -YEA!!!) ~ the lemon. Dang, they are so yummy. then i thought, "Could i eat these every day for a few months?" Hmmmmm???? i would be having dreams of a baked potato.


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Stay Amazing.

All love,

Eudemus said...

Congrats on making it to ORE-GON Catra! Or, as my friend who grew up there calls it "The fine Irish State of O'regan" (said with an Irish accent). Enjoy the berry's. Ashland has the best Marionberry pie I have ever tasted.

As for the friendly-ness of the locals I don't know what to tel you. I always heard that Oregonians were friendly to everyone...except Californians :-). Anyway, good people are everywhere and I am sure with your positive attitude you will meet more than your fair share before you leave the state. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...


Was following your trip report from the beginning (came to it through Julien, your starting partner) as well as another PCT report from a guy called Erik Aorson
for months (with preparations etc...).
Small world...
Good luck for the remaining miles!

ReneeMc said...

Yay for Oregon! You are rocking this trail. Congrats to Tattoo Joe, and I have the same question as everyone else: how do you manage to look so awesome?

Ultra Okie said...

Hey Catra, I am still out here followinig along and enjoying your updates. You are just too cool. Congratulations on making it to Oregon.

Happy trails and good vibes from OK.

rockhoundkathy said...

Hi Catra, You're awesome!! We are so proud of you! Wayne and Ruby ask me every day how you are doing. That kitty was so cute! I'm glad you're hiking with those guys, it would by so depressing to get way off course by yourself. Keep moving forward and have fun!

Jurek said...

You are amazing Catra! I am so proud to know you! I tell all my friends about you and the stuff you do.

Keep having fun and be safe!

Jen said...

Cartra, I also tell my friends about you and your adventure. Your doing great! Breath deep the life that your living!

Jo Lynn said...

Hey Girlie!
Your update was great. Thanks so much for sharing every step of the way with us.
Julia and I had fun out at Sunol this morning with Boomer and Sophie. As always, makes me think of you. I'm really amazed at how "put together" you always look in your pics. You have got it goin' on!! Enjoy Oregon, I'll bet it's beautiful.
Love & Hugs sent your way.

Drew Holmes said...

I am leaving for ironman Canada next Wed so may not see you in time near Three sisters mountains. You may come through after I am gone......shoot!! do you have an estimated time for that area??? If I miss ya after all of this oh well///wish ya the best anyway

christine said...

woohoo...damn girlie you are kicking ass out there! i'm leaving for hawaii tomorrow, no computer, no phone, no worries. good vibes as always dear look great!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog through the Atalanta website, and I love it! I spend the summers in Ashland (I lived there seven years) and it's my favorite town in the world. I'm glad you enjoyed it (and that you found the Coop!). Don't let red car woman get you down.

It's been HORRIBLY dry and hot out there this summer, and I imagine it's very difficult to stay hydrated on the trail. All the creeks in Ashland have been posted for high bacteria count due to the low rate of flow. I hope you get a heat a break and a little gentle rain soon!

Run on, diva!

Jonah said...

Way to go all the way through Cali!

Those pancakes look awesome.

Enjoy the Northwest...