Saturday, August 4, 2007

Days 70-72 - Weds-Fri, Aug 1-3

Here's the Northern California Section I'm hiking now. I don't have to go higher than 7500' but you can see there are some big climbs and descents ahead. I'll be at nearly the lowest point when I reach Hwy 5 near Dunsmuir.

Me And Erik the Black reached Burney Falls State Park and went to see the 8th wonder of the world, Burney Falls. I only got pictures with my camera. Jerry brought my camera cord to Sierra City and I downloaded some pictures. I told him to send it with my next resupply at Etna so I can send him good pictures for my blog.

I camped with Breeze from San Fran, Gaby from England, Jugz and Wolf on Thursday night. This section from Old Station has been pretty much waterless. I just had to go 15 miles without water. There are awesome views, especially as I get close to Mt Shasta (14,162') to the north. I've called it "ghost mountain" because it seems to disappear in some of the pictures I've taken. ;)

I'm just trying to get out of California. It feels like I'll never get to Oregon! But I'm having fun! The trail is pretty much non-existent it is so overgrown. I can't see the trail so each step is just a guess where I'm going. It's just a sea of green , sometimes taller than me. There are shrubs with stickers covering the trail that are cutting my legs. Erik the Black passed up the camp I used Thursday night but I caught up with him Friday morning. I am doing 30 miles today. We will reach Hwy 5 near Castle Crags Park on Saturday night (mile 1506). On Sunday, we will hitch to Dunsmuir and then take a bus to Mt Shasta City to get resupplied at a health food store there.


JeffO said...

Eric is a radical dude! I bet you guys have a blast on the trail.
Great photos.
Take care, Catra!
You're so hard-core!

mer said...


The rear end pic looks like Blue Saschewatch escaping thru the jungle. You crack me up, Girl. Rock on and step careful !

mer said...

Sunday Morning . . . . Ok . . . here's a weird one . . . last night i had a dream and you were in it. You were hiking somewhere with Annika (?) and got to my mom's house which had turned into a GIANT ranch and there was a party for hoards of people. Annika wanted a pizza; i went to get it and the snow came. i was sitting on the road in the quiet snow with a sleeping pad and sleeping bag. How did i get there? The truck had disappeared. then i was back at 'the ranch' and you gave me a Christmas ornament and you were wearing an orange seed bead bracelet i made. The End.

Now that was a trip. :0

Peace and love.

olga said...

Over half way done and soon to OR...oh, Catra, unbelievable if I think this way! Be careful not to scrab all your tattoes from the legs:) Doing awesome!

Drew Holmes said...

keep on, checking in to time a visit on the pct in Oregon near Bend and the three sisters.....keep us posted and keep on rocking!!!

jgirl said...

Amazing Cat! Keep on trekking! ~j

Jurek said...

You watch out when you have so much fun because you may not notice the Canadian border and will end up in Alaska!

Anonymous said...

Just a quick hello. I pulled up you blog to see if I could find out your friend Chis's name (I forgot it and am re-doing my PCT journal). Nice pictures, nice memories. Good luck next season. Perhaps I will see you at the kick-off. Peace, Wilderness Bob