Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 69 - Tuesday, July 31

(Dirt Diva's Report)
I slack packed today with 10 other hikers. I ran it in 4:45 and inspired 3 others to run. They did it in 5:30. Kurt rolled in today. He hiked up Mt Lassen. I think I'm going to hike with Juggs, Erik the Black (in picture) & Bear Cat. They want to hike with me for a bit. Looks like there will be 12 of us rolling out tomorrow. Off to bed to get a good night's sleep so I'm ready for tomorrow.
There is not much cell reception up here so I can't send many pictures for my blog. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh my God I could never never never leave my dogs. I will be so glad when you are home with Rocky Boy. Honest dogs are your true friends.
Are you planning to do the San Diego 100 mile this year (2007?
Good luck and happy trails to you.
Whos watching Rocky? xxxxx

mer said...

Good Morning Catra the Amazing!
Happy August 3rd! One of the best parts of the each day is pulling up the Adventure page and seeing the new trippy people you're meeting out there! It's better than L.A.! Guess What!?!?! i made a decision to resign from my j-o-b on 8/24! YEA!*!*!!* Now ,i can just focus on getting set to do well at Firetrails. The Universe is unfolding in a Great Way. After 7 years in the same gig, this is too cool, especially 'cause i now feel open to so much other stuff. This wicked pain in the neck i've been having for like 6 months . . POOF! iT WENT AWAY OVERNIGHT. yEA!!! i AM fREE!*!*!*! Thanks, Catra, 'cause i really believe in some small way Your Adventure promted me to give up this insanity and return to my heart's desire. i love and thank you for that.

nav g said...

Hi Catra. Amazing journey you're on. I'm Steve Lemig, a friend of Tania Wale's down here in San Diego. I work for Road Runner Sports as Content Manager for our catalogs and website. I'd love to do a feature "Runner Story" about you in one of our upcoming fall/winter catalogs. Let me know if you're interested and we can talk more. Email me at slemig@roadrunnersports.com when you get a chance. Thanks! And keep on rockin' on.

rockhoundkathy said...

Hey dirty diva,

Hows the trail?

Kathy and miss Ruby did from Barkers pass too Tahoe city it worked miss ruby

sounds like your having fun! don't stop

good luck mamm

Anonymous said...

I have been following the "cat" adventures for almost a year, let me know if you would like to go to dinner when you get to Washington, I live 23 miles north of Seattle and can meet you pick you up for a shower
sleep in a bed etc. happy trails and much prayers Kathryn

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathyrn-
Please call me and leave your number on my cell phone so I can call U when I get to Washington.
"Dirt Diva"