Friday, June 15, 2007

Days 21 & 22 - Weds & Thurs, June 13-14

Got an early start today. By 6:45AM it was already 80° on the trail.I met a couple that had passed Lon on the trail. I texted him and he is at mile 413. I am at mile 446. Maybe I'll see him at Agua Dulce.

I arrive at Agua Dulce at 10AM. I went to the Sauffly's Hiker Heaven to meet Jeff (J-Rod) and Donna (L-Rod for lightning rod). We have been waiting two years to meet. It was worth the wait, I love them. Their place is really cool. They have just about everything for the PCT hikers - two vehicles for us to drive, 6 bikes, a trailer for hikers to sleep, showers, computers for internet access, loaner clothes while you're here, & spare trail shoes and gear from other hikers. They pick up people from the airport in Santa Clarita. Wow, what amazing people! Carl is here waiting for me.
Trailer, Loaner Closet, Extra Hiker Supplies

Here I am with Big Red which I drove into Santa Clarita to get some supplies.

Me on one of their bikes

There are 9 other PCT hikers here. I met a plastic surgeon and his wife. He is going to leave the PCT because he got a great offer from Stanford Hospital that he can't let pass. He was 1 of 3 Drs chosen out of 100. He'll just have to come back later and finish.

Health check: After getting cleaned up, I weighed myself. I have lost 9 lbs total which is good since I had the biggest weight loss by Day 13. I am at least maintaining my weight for this week. I am feeling good. My shoulders have gotten used to my pack. No leg or feet problems. (Crossfit Rocks!) No blisters at all. I am not taping right now because I am out of elastikon tape. My friend, Mike Palmer is sending a roll for me to Kennedy Meadows. I have new Hardrock shoes in my resupply that are 1/2 size larger so my feet should be fine crossing the Mojave.
Here I am leaving my old hardrocks in the spare trail equipment bins, 454 miles is enough for me but maybe someone else will need them.

Me and Carl discussed our plan and decided to hang here overnight and through the heat of the day tomorrow. We will leave at 5 PM on Thursday, travel 7 to 12 hours at night and then rest on Friday during the heat.

Here are some of the hikers I met, posing outside the trailer as we are getting ready to leave. Becca (who is having some issues so her boy friend went on and she is going to jump back in at Kennedy Meadows); me; Bison; Lon (he arrived on Thursday and will lay over a couple of days); and Carl.
I gave Carl his trail name: High Maintenance. LOL! He doesn't like it but, dude, his pack weighs 40 lbs. He is carrying way too much, he'll see!
As we leave Agua Dulce on Thursday evening, we see this woman riding a camel. Only in AD! Makes me think of Marathon de Sable and the desert ahead. Well I finished MdS so, Mojave, I'm ready for you! ;-)


Jo Lynn said...

Oh my gosh! That Hiker Heaven is awesome. Those people deserve great things. I love your updates. Thanks for sharing.
Stay well Girlie!

Dieselmota said...


I've been following your blogs and love the wisdom quotes you share, so here is one for you:

If I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day.

You are having one successful LIFETIME!


runrgrrl7 said...

Hi Catra,
It's good to know that you are doing great and safe. Thanks for the update. Takecare!


Mallie said...

So great that there are people like that on the trail. Sounds like you're not only doing well, but like you're having a fantastic time!

miki said...

I am seriously loving reading your reports.

Michelle said...

rock on super stud!!! we are hitting PCT in July for a day hike in Oregon,will be thinking of you and wish you safe travel.

christine said...

hey girlie,
you look and sound great! thanks for the updats...they always brighten my day!

olga said...

Trail Angels are awesome! Go rock, Catra, and try not to lose more weight - you have nothign to loose and over 2,000 miles to go. Eat up next 2 days!

JeffO said...

Eat! Them what eats the most finishes firstest!

Lookin' good, Catra. A very ectlectic band of merry hikers.

Dieselmota said...

Catra joined up with a guy from England, Carl (dubbed high Maintenance
by Dirt Diva) at Agua Dulce. He is keeping up with her for a bit.

Follow along on his blog: He is
updating by camera phone, so posts may be more frequent than Catra's
with trail pictures along the way, I am going to guess.

I'm reading his blog 'cause I just can't get enough of Catra's PCT
adventure! His is another perspective of the hike. I hope he can keep

Carl's blog:


joerunner said...

Nice job on the wieght catra, sounds like your keeping up with your needs. Good luck with Mojave.