Friday, June 22, 2007

Days 25 & 26 - Sunday & Monday, June 17-18

Today we started crossing the Mojave. We walked along a dirt road adjacent to the LA aqueduct. We are looking to do 20 miles today. The aqueduct was flat and hot and seemed like it would go on forever. We were glad to find some water at Cottonwood Creek Bridge. We made camp after 16 miles for the night and had a hot winds all night.

On Monday, we started out to the same landscape, heat and lack of water. We ended walking along the windmills of the Tehachapi Wind Farm for a couple of hours.
We had passed about 7-10 hikers as we got near Hwy 58 and decided to head into the town of Mojave to get a shower, food and get out of the heat. We were able to catch a ride the 12 miles to town. After hiking 24 miles today, we were at mile 558. My phone reception is really spotty so I go for several hours without service.

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