Saturday, June 23, 2007

Days 28 & 29 - Weds & Thurs, June 20-21

When we were in Hikertown, I ordered a new watch that will be delivered to Kennedy Meadows. I bought a Suunto Vector in violet to match my hair. ;-)
It will be nice to have a watch on my wrist again instead of in my pack. I also ordered a tyvek sheet for litsl to use under his thermorest pad. He counted 8 holes in his pad from the rocks. It doesn't hold air so he hasn't been comfortable sleeping for several nights. My friend, Chris is bringing him a foam pad to use when we get to Walkers Pass.
We had a little section of forest this morning as a tease but then we were back in the exposed terrain of the past several days. We have been steadily climbing and are now consistently at 6000'. We have finished four waterless legs, each 13 to 18 miles long. Every hiker looks forward to the water caches at Golden Oak Spring, Robin Bird Spring, Kelso Valley Road Cache, and Bird Spring Pass Cache between miles 583 and 631. But we didn't have the problem with lack of water like we did further south.

We will be at Kennedy Meadows all day on Monday, June 25 if anyone wants to come out to see us. It will give us a chance to get our resupply and wash our clothes.
I want to send my best wishes to all my friends running and pacing at Western States on Saturday/ Sunday. In my original plan I had hoped to be on trail there for the race. I hope the race conditions are better than last year for the runners.

I have to say how disappointed I am in the PCT hikers who are leaving their trash on the trail. There are empty bottles, food wrappers, broken gear, etc everywhere. Litsl has been taking pictures of all the trash. One hiker left a cardboard box with some excess food for other hikers to take but now the empty box is just laying on the trail.

We will camp at mile 634 Thursday night near the highest point just under 7000' before we reach Walkers Pass. I think we will catch several hikers soon - Hustle & Flow, Springing Jenny & Loon. Litsl is hanging tough. He has done 189 miles since joining me. He is suffering with blisters on his feet but is dealing with them. When he has reception on his cell is posting to his blog from his phone. A link to his blog is under my links.


Joshua said...

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Ultra Okie said...

glad you were able to get a new watch Catra. Running without a watch drives me nuts. You are doing great!! Keep it up, and keep up the posts. I look forward to your inspiration.

+++++vibes from OK.


QuinlanMc said...

Catra, nice to see someone enjoying their outdoor experiences. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hey catra, i love following your pct run. i think of it when i am out in the woods doing my trail work. i read a piece on you on blog. it was complaining about you cupping your breasts in the pic on your blog. it is amazing that some people's penis's are as small as their penise. you are a literal work of art and nature so i like that you are not afraid to enjoy and not take yourself so serious. keep on truckin as the dead heads would say. namaste jerry from the woods of northern wisconsin

Anonymous said...

this is jerry again. i meant minds as small as their penis.

GB said...

Hey Catra, awesome progress out there! Looks like you had a great time a few days back taking pics in the hula skirt. Wild girl! ;-)

That is a downer about people leaving trash on the trail. You'd think people that love the outdoors so much would treat it a little better.

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming Catra, u r a fucking stud!!!

Anonymous said...


This is Scott, Carls friend from Minden. Just FYI. There is a larger fire burning as of today (Sunday 24 June) between HWY 89 HW50 and South Tahoe. Still out of control and I believe on your route.

Hope to get a group together to meet you all in the Tahoe Basin.

Keep it rollin....


JeffO said...

Hey, keep rollin'! I don't know how you can deal with the heat.

Met a guy on Hope Pass (I was training for the LT100) and he started at the Mexican border. won't stop 'til he gets to Canada. I'll try to find his blog.
I helped him cross the river. Someone said it was too deep. I found a tricky but safe way across and took an hour off his travel. The cold water felt good.
I told him all about you and your blog. He doesn't have the crew you have, but he posts now-and-then.

Good luck to all the trekkers! You make the world seem small.