Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Day Ten - Saturday, June 2

I decided that I wouldn't run the 5K race and would get back on the trail. As I was leaving Idyllwild, a truck with two hot climber guys drove up and this guy yells out my name. I'm trying to figure out how he knows it. He says his name is Armand and he's a friend of my ex, Ammon and I realize he is one of my friends on My Space. He is a real kick-ass climber. He and his friend are going climbing in the area. They gave me a ride to the trailhead which saved me a long uphill hike. About a mile up the trail, I meet the boys just heading into Idyllwild and guess what they have, my lost Montrail shirt! Yeah for the boys! They are all looking a bit cooked. One of the Virginia Mountain Boys is looking really worn. He only weighed 120 lbs when he started and has lost weight. They were complaining about the climb but I told them I loved it. That's my element! CA Chris' parents are driving up to meet them to bring resupplies. They think they will take two days off in Idyllwild. They said that the Russian woman, Dina is 3 days behind as she has gotten lost a couple of times and is acting weird at times.

I head off down the trail, not looking forward to the next section which heads down into Palm Desert. I passed 35 day-hikers on the trail(I counted 'em!) who are hiking up to Mt. San Jacinto. It's nice to see people for a while.
I've pretty much given up on catching Tattoo Joe. He is coming back on trail at Cajon Pass/ Hwy 15 on Monday and said he could wait at Agua Dulce for me but I know it will be too many days off his schedule. He needs to push to Canada since he is doing the yoyo. I called his cell phone and left him a message to push ahead. Oh well!
I dropped down to where the water was supposed to be at 1750' but there was no place to camp so I climbed a half mile back up to 2100' to camp for the night at mile 209. I covered 30 miles today. I counted up and have only eaten 600 calories today. With the increased heat today, I haven't been hungry.

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