Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 44 - Friday, July 6

Ok, here I am sitting in the Loon bean in Mammoth. Hanging with Kurt the corrupter. There is a whole bunch of us PCTers here - Lucid Moose, Cole, Gesh, Junk food, Tea Tree, Squash, Tourist, Loon, Swan and Bear.
There are more but I can't remember who.

We went for Mexican food at Rubios last night - it was awesome.

I have been peeing blood for 5 days on the trail. Yep, you guessed it a bladder infection. Silly me forgot to take my Cipro in my first aid kit. Made it to Mammoth and went to the clinic. The doctor couldn't believe I went 5 days with it. To be honest I had no choice. It really is the worst one I have ever had. I'm taking Cipro so it should be gone in three days.
We weren't going to take a zero day but since the other guys are, The Corrupter and I thought it would be best for me to drink tons of water and hang one day.

Aaron is supposed to meet up with us today at Reds Meadow. He is hiking into Tuolumne with us. He will be going for the unsupported speed record on the JMT later this month. I left a message for him so we will hook up at the trail head. Also, Jerry is meeting us Sunday and we were going to have to stall on the trail and do just 10 miles today. We are 35 miles from Tuolumne. I have to wait to get a package from the Post office Monday. So here we are.

I am having a blast with Kurt. I'm learning so much about hiking. This trail is way to hard to run with the amount of food and water you have to carry.
I thought it would be like doing the JMT fastpacking. WRONG...I'm learning through-hiking a long trail is tough. The only way you can really run it is by having a crew.
I have been running down the passes which is fun. I have great respect for long distance hiking and the people that do it. I am proud to say I'm a through-hiker and I am now one of them just moving forward each day. We are all just trying to get to Canada. Yes, some of us like moving faster but we are all doing the same thing.
We are all one big family out on the trail. I am happy to be only going 22-28 mile days through the beautiful Sierras. I am seeing things I have never seen before when I have run through the area.

I want to thank all of you who are following my journey. I read the blog when I can and it makes me smile. I really love all of you.
That's all for now. I hope I get to see some of you on the trail. Hey, if you want to come out and hike with me, that would be great.
Dirt Diva
Team Dirt


miki said...

Looks like a blast Catra. Thanks for being out for there for the rest of us just sitting in front of our computers. Hope your bladder starts behaving itself soon. Best wishes.

Caren said...

Hey Catra - still following along. I hope you recover soon and know that you're awesome!

Jo Lynn said...

Oh Girl! I'm glad you got the meds you need. Take a break, it's for your own good. I'm hoping to see you very soon.
Lots of hugs & love,
~Jo Lynn

rockhoundkathy said...

Hi Catra it's Kathy. You are amazing! Do you have Bob Holtel's book? He ran the PCT over 3 summers,(1985-1987) starting in July ending in eary september for optimal weather (and he's a P.E. teacher). His pack was 15 pounds and he slept in a small bivy sack and sleeping bag liner! He had everthing attached to a large fanny pack. There was nothing on his back! He had minimal crew, though mainly he used the P.O. drops like a regular thru-hiker. This could be a plan "B" for you if your bladder infection keeps nagging. Anyway this is YOUR journey and YOUR adventure and however you tackle it is what works for you. I am only dreaming- you are LIVING THE DREAM !! Watch out for thunderstorms-it's humid and hot in Truckee today. Trust your intuition like you always do! Love Ya, Kathy

heather said...

wow! you are amazing girl! Sorry about the bladder infection. Bummer. But you're one tough cookie. Enjoy the journey.

p.s. cute skirt.

Anonymous said...


Keep up the RFM (Relentless Forward Motion). It's been fun to follow along and take the journey vicariously.

All's well by the Bay ... just hot. I hope that you're high enough to escape a lot of this heat. If not, take a few Zero Days and soak in some streams.

Keep smiling,

- Garett

Gretchen said...

It's great to hear your thoughts on the journey Catra. I was a through hiker in '96, and that experience taught me so much. When I started ultra running just a couple years ago I realized I used so much of the same thought process that I did when hiking the PCT. Last year AR50 was my first 50 miler and during the race I thought back alot to my 5 months on the PCT. Similar to running the 50 miles, I learned to break the journey into smaller pieces mentally, and to realize that things might come up that I hadn't planned on but that I shouldn't let that throw me off, just deal with them as they come.
I love hearing about your experience on trail and I think ultra running has taught you a great mindset for having this experience.
Well, I live in Truckee and I don't know when you might be through Donner Summit but I'd love to hike with you if the opportunity presents itself. Feel free to call or email me (5305875766 gbrugmanathotmaildotcom)if you have the chance, or I'll just keep my eye out for you and your dirty friends! ;)
happy trails,

Joe said...

I'm sitting in my office living vicariously through your blog. What a great way to spend the summer.

Let me re-introduce myself - We have passed each other in many ultras, including Miwok and WS. We also chatted a little at the 06 WS training weekend.

Joe Mitchell

christine said...

you sound good, take your meds and get some rest, your in this for the long haul girly :)

Matt! said...

Dope! Keep it up. My housemate Morgan (trail name: Goat), who is a couple of days behind you, is crewing me for the 508 in October. With you included, that is two PCT through hikers who will be in Death Valley in October. Says a lot about people who do amazing things: they also work hard to help others do amazing things. See you then!


Having a great time following your progress!!!!! :) Wish I could join you! Hang in there!!



olga said...

Oh, crap on blood pee and bladder infection! I am glad you have to wait for a packagae and thus take care of it staying still. Man, gilr, please don't joke about it!
We are all very proud of you too been a throughhiker!!! I hope you keep enjoying it to the very end of the journey, always. Sending you positive healing vibe.

Auggie's mom said...

Cat, again, if I can join you in Yosemite, Sonora, or around there I would love to! When do you expect to be there?

ReneeMc said...

Amazing, Catra! I am glad you took a little time off to heal your bladder. Take care of yourself -- I think of you often!

Stefanie said...

You are doing awesome and are one tough woman!

I just ordered my first Atalanta Skirt (commitment). Thanks for clueing me in to that company. They are awesome and super friendly!

Shane"Crash"Jones said...

Good luck the rest of the way. You should come do one of our races in KC some time.

lonestarscouter said...

Catra you ROCK....I've enjoyed following your journey. Get your meds and take care of yourself.

Ultra Okie said...

Hi Catra, You are doing great! Sorry to hear about the bladder probs, but glad you got some meds to get it under control. I am sure you will be healed up in no time. You inspire many and it is fun to follow your journey via your blog. Rock on sister.....


runrgrrl7 said...

Thinking about you:) Takecare!


GB said...

Honey you are looking like a lean, mean running machine! Don't forget to take those meds from here on out. For some reason, peeing blood just doesn't sound good. ;-) I salute you for your perseverance, Catra. I just KNOW your mom is out there with you on the trail, every step of the way. I'm sure you're calling on her when you feel tired. I'm glad you have friends with you too!

John Blue said...

Hey Catra! Ouch is all I can think to say! Heal up quick and keep up the good work. I love reading the reports.

Anna Alderkamp said...

Hey Catra, Good luck on the PCT! Glad to hear you're actually seeing the beautiful Sierra's now. Have a blast!

Tice & Anna

Joe said...

I was on the Northern Oregon PCT Saturday sending you vibes. Have fun and take care.

Drew Holmes said...

keep chugging along....we are with ya, super hot and dusty up here in Oregon

Anonymous said...

ok ok... waiting. waiting...
how ARE you? how's that bladder infection? Hoping you are feeling much better.

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