Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 54 - Monday, July 16

I wanted to get an earlier start today. Jerry was going to run the 24 miles back to his car on the PCT but couldn't run downhill on his ankle. He decided to hike directly down the mountain to Sugar Pine and then try to hitch a ride on Hwy 89.

I left after Abacus for my trek to Donner Pass. I passed through Granite Chief Wilderness near Squaw Valley with some more incredible views and flowers. These pictures need no descriptions!

I saw this little spruce branch arrow laying on the ground, pointing the way north. This was natural, just the way it fell off a tree.
Today, I saw Ashley Idema, who won Angeles Crest last year in 2nd fastest time ever with her husband Josh (PCT'02) and their dog Mattie. They are here from Corvallis, OR hiking the TRT for a few days.
After hiking along Hwy 89 for 5 miles, Jerry got a ride to his car from Griffin, a spell caster/ Worlock/ magician with full dreadlocks and a wolf named North. He was willig to take any ride since it saved hiking 8 miles on his ankle.


Jo Lynn said...

Gorgeous photos! Great stories too.

Laura H said...

Oh those photos take me back there! My partner's uncle lives in Meyers (his house was spared from the fire, but the next block was destroyed) and we have hiked in those areas. Thanks for sharing them!!

You are so inspiring and doing so well!! Enjoy enjoy enoy!!!

mer said...

Amazing DD ~*~

The Arrow.
You are totally aligned with the Stars.

Peace & joy,

JeffO said...

I hope Griffin cast a healing spell on Jerry's ankle. Real bummer about him. Hope he heals fast. Sounds like he immediately did all the right things to minimize the problem. Here's hopin' he's running in a week.