Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Days 55-60 - Tues-Sun, July 17-22

Life is good! (Dirt Diva's report)
I have just been cruising along the PCT alone for the past two days. I met up near Donner summit with my
ultrarunning friends, Jack Driver
and his girlfriend, Rebekka and Kathy D'Onofrio. Jack and Kathy were talking about their upcoming hundred mile race, Tahoe Rim 100m.

On Monday I had hiked 34 miles and was thinking about my friend Julia who was going to be running the hundred miler. I really miss her. I thought all day "wouldn't it be crazy if I showed up and surprised her, and at the same time I could run the 50 mile race". Jack told me the race was sold out but he texted me Dave the RD's number. I called on Tuesday and he said I could get in.
I was excited…but a little nervous since these legs haven't really run more than 4 miles at a time and that's been downhill and a shuffle, not really a run. Hmmm, can my body do it?? Figured I would find out!
I called Fast Jerry since he was already coming up to pace Julia. I asked him if he could bring my dog, Rocky when he came and he said yes. So it was all set.
My friend, Alikona from Sacramento would meet me in Sierra City on Thursday and drive me to Kathy's in Truckee and Friday I would sign up in Carson City for the race at the race check-in and surprise Julia.
One problem - on Wednesday I thought it was Thursday and ended up a day early to Sierra City. That was ok since the weather was cloudy and rainy. There were about 10 thru-hikers here and it was fun meeting new people. They thought I was crazy for even wanting to run 50 miles after hiking 1200 miles. We figured I would become the first PCT thru-hiker to run an ultra in the middle of the hike. ;-)

On Thursday, Alikona came out and we had a fun day shopping and hanging out. We got to play with some baby goats - aren't they cute! I stayed at Kathy's and went to Carson City to surprise Julia on Friday.

Here I am with my friends Joe, Mylinh, & Julia
(all 3 ran & finished TRT 100m)

I ran the race Saturday and Fast Jerry was at the finish with Rocky who I was SO HAPPY to see. I was hoping just to finish the race in under the cut off time of 16½ hours. But to my surprise I did great - 13 hours. I proved even on no training, my mind can carry me through.
I was able to catch Julia - the hundred mile runners started an hour ahead of the 50m/50k runners. So we got to run together for nearly 20 miles and catch up on our lives. Near the end I decided to leave her and haul butt to pass a few girls in front of me and get Julia's crew ready for her.

On Sunday afternoon, I am in Sierra City with Jerry & Rocky and will hit the trail tomorrow. I'm sad that I won't see my friends for at least 1½ months. I'm happy I took a little break to reconnect with the ultrarunning community that I love so much. I feel recharged and ready to keep moving forward to Canada.
BTW - In case anyone is wondering. I am no longer going for a speed record. I think some people didn't realize that I decided that - for now I am all about the experience and loving this beautiful trail.

"Life's a journey, not a destination" Steven Tyler


Jessica Deline said...

Hey Catra is great to meet you and see you out there this weekend. Have fun with the rest of your PCT Journey. I'll be following along!

GB said...

I am enjoying your journey probably as much as you are, Catra. Speed record or not, you're doing great out there. You look so happy!

Dieselmota said...

Hey Catra- Love the memories you are making. What a blessed life. Simple beauty and the gift of enjoyment.

Strong mind, strong body, great FUN!


chris said...

Carta, it was great seeing you again. Couldn't believe it was at an Ultra tho. You are to much girl. Kicking butt on the PCT and then entering and running a 50 miler. Way to go. Keep up the good work and continue to have fun in the great outdoors.
Your bud,

Gretchen said...

Nice job on the 50 girl, I saw you out there on the course. I wanted to come hike with you but I am way too sore from the race...I don't know how you do it! You MUST be the first PCT hiker to run an ultra in the middle of the hike!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Catra! Just a heads up for your Oregon segment. Where's Waldo 100k is scheduled for Aug 18 on some of the PCT segments just where it crosses Hwy 58. Stop in at the lodge 1/4 mile from that hwy crossing, say Hi to your Oregon ultra fans!