Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 47 - Monday, July 9

We are sleeping without a tent most nights. I love my western mountaineering sleeping bag. It is the best bag I've ever had. I got my new Atalanta Inspiration skirt. It is so cute - black with a pink stripe down the side! Jerry brought me some different Dirty Girl gaiters to wear with my new skirt. He also brought me a swim suit so I can hike in it when it gets really hot ;-)

Trying to pack enough food to get me through the next 7 days to Tahoe. There won't be any place to get supplies. My food bag just keeps getting heavier and I have to carry this sucker. Well, at least it will get lighter as I eat the food.

Here we are having some breakfast and reading the Rolling Stone and Ultrarunner magazines that Jerry brought along while we wait for the Tuolumne store and Post office to open.

Kurt and Lucid Moose finally went to the store to get supplies. We decided to wait until Noon to start on the trail. Jerry and Antonia couldn't wait because they had to drive home today so they took off for a 18 mile run along the trail. We should see them on their way back. They plan to go see the beautiful waterfalls at Glen Aulin.

Isn't my little hiking pal, Wild Things Max, cute? He sneaked into my Muir Trail Ranch resupply and will be keeping me company on the trail.


miki said...

Your Jerry kicks major ass Catra. What a friend.
Looking good Catra. :)


You're doing terrific Catra!!!! Glad to see that you have sooo many wonderful friends to support you and that you're having such a wonderful, epic adventure!!! ;0

In Germany right now but I should be home this Wednesday. Haven't seen the family for almost a month... It's time to GET HOME! :)

You Rock!!!



ReneeMc said...

Amazing! You look good and strong!

olga said...

Wow, a 1000 miles, unbelievable, time flies...for us here, on this side of your blog. Amazing, Catra, you are doing awesome!

Stefanie said...

I just completed my first long run (ok well long for me LOL) in my Atalanta Commitment SKirt. I love it. Thanks for the super recommendation.

Keep up the great work. You are doing awesome!!!

Jason said...

Awesome scenery. Looks like the trek is going great, keep it up, your making me jealous.

Joe said...

Sounds like things are on a real positive swing. Good luck with your track to Tahoe.

Jurek said...

I watched the sunrise from Mission Peak today and was thinking of you, probably waking up to the smell of grasses and dust someplace even more beautiful than this.

Live it up girl!

Brad said...

Love this area of the trail. Can't wait to get out this fall and walk in the famous footsteps of Catra! :)

Sue J. said...

Keep it up Catra! Are you having fun, or what?! ...Just another one who loves living vicariously through you. :)