Sunday, July 29, 2007

Days 65-66 - Fri-Sat, July 27-28

Days 65-66 (Dirt Diva's report)
The Corrupter & I headed into Chester. It took us less than 5 minutes to hitch a ride from a really nice older couple. To tell you the truth, they were very conservative and me holding a sign - tattooed and dirty, I would of never thought they would pick us up. It's mostly 30-40 something's that pick me up not people over 70. Anyway they were very nice.

We didn't think we would get a room because I called from Belden and all the Motels were booked. It seems Chuck Norris' daughter was getting married. I thought why here? But later found out her mother is from here. We stayed at the Best Western it was very nice. It had a bath tub. I love soaking in the bathtub. It felt great.
Kurt(Corrupter) ate a whole large pizza last night. I had some French fries and rice dream(vanilla) - yummy.
We are heading to Old Station, should arrive Monday.
Jerry my trail Angel sent me a new sleeping pad since mine got a hole :(

I texted my friend Randy yesterday and it was good to hear back from him. My brother called me yesterday so I need to call him back. Talked to Jo Lynn who left me a surprise note near Mt. Shasta and talked to Antonia who is running the San Francisco marathon today.
I hope all of you are healthy and well. Make sure you take time out today to tell someone you love them.
I want you all to know I read my blog every chance I get and even though I don't respond to all of you I appreciate all the comments. They really lift my spirits on dark days which are very few out here. So keep them coming.
I love all of you. Back on the trail see ya.
Dirt Diva


Jo Lynn said...

Mmmmm, french fries. That must have been a big treat for you Catra. Kudos to Kurt for polishing off a whole pizza. It was great to hear your voice. Everytime I talk to you and every picture you are in, you're so positive and encouraging.
Rock on girlie!
Lots of love,
~Jo Lynn

Jen said...

Keep on Keeping on! You're doing great!

Jurek said...

A bath must have felt surreal after so many days on the trail...

I love the pictures, especially the ones I can click on and they open up to a huge one. It's almost like being there.

Thank you for your blog. I envy you the experience so much!

Big hugs!

runrgrrl7 said...

I went to San Francisco for a training run and went to Expo and found and bought your inspirational skirt. It's awesome!!!

It's great to hear that you are doing good. Miss you and takecare!

miki said...

The mosquito head gear is hot!!! :p Looking good Cat. Now if only I could justify french fries and ice cream...

N.H.W said...

Hi Catra I read you blog all the time! I am heading off to Seattle to pack a few days on PCT. Thanks for being such a awesome influence!! You rock!!

olga said...

Here is to more lifting spirit! I read your blog every chance I get:) Go, catra! Glad the health is good (feet, AND bladder?). Smile as you always do!

Michelle said...

When I was little every year we would go camp in the woods in Chester.I havent been there since I was 16.I imagine it is quite different there.
Yesterday we had a 23 mile run,in the heat and when I felt as if I could not continue, I thought of you ,on the trail out there covering 2000 miles all on your own and I suddenly felt inspired. Thanks....besafe :)---Michelle

christine said...

hey Cat,
you look and sound great. life on the trail obviously agrees with you...and french fries? they just rock. i have my first twenty miler coming up...can you believe it? xo C in Berkeley

ReneeMc said...

Love the mosquito netting! It really makes an impression.
And, yum on the Rice Dream. I recently discovered Butter Pecan. I almost wish I hadn't. Almost.

You look great, Diva!