Friday, July 13, 2007

Day 46 - Sunday, July 8

Aaron, the Corrupter, and I left Reds Meadow on Saturday morning. I'm already feeling better since I've started taking my meds. Aaron went about 8 miles with us then turned around to run back to Reds Meadow to get his car and drive around to Tuolumne. He will run out tomorrow to meet us. We made it to Clark Lakes trail to set up camp for the night at mile 920. Check out this crazy cloud pattern over Donohue Peak!

On Sunday we passed over Donohue Pass (11,056'), the last pass over 11,000' between here and the end.

We met Jerry coming down the north side of Donohue. He had run up from Tuolumne. He brought my friend Antonia up to see me but she was a couple of miles back. She had run Wendell and Sarah's Angel Island 50K yesterday so was taking it easy. We got to the bottom of the pass and started our 8-mile hike through Lyell Canyon along the Lyell Fork of the Tuolumne River. It's beautiful meadow land which the Corrupter doesn't really like since it makes his feet ache hiking the long flat sections.We are meeting or passing several day-hiker groups. One group is doing a summit of nearby Mt Lyell. We finally met Antonia and Aaron after a few miles. She has had some health problems since the 24-hour race last October that we were at together. Good to see her back to running!
We met Sean and his sister Stephanie who were out doing a butterfly survey in the canyon.

Finally arrived at Tuolumne and went to the grill to get some fries - yeah, did they taste good. Jerry had met a thru-hiker couple, Medicine Man & his wife, Stamp Lady from the Seattle area. We talked with them about their trip. They were pretty much just "hiking home".

Jerry had rented us camp site 33 (remember, my number ;-) for the night so we headed over to set up camp. Jerry and Antonia had brought lots of fruit for us (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, mango, cherries, grapes) and Antonia had prepared several raw food dishes for me. She has been a raw foodist for several months which has helped her improve her health. She made some arugula pesto and sprouted lentil hummus plus lots more which were yummy. Thanks Antonia, you're awesome!

Lucid Moose showed up and is sharing our dinner and campsite for the night. After dinner we went to a talk at the campfire on bats in Yosemite. Later, Kurt and I crawled into our sleeping bag and talked with Antonia to catch up with her life since going raw and some about the Whole Foods crew.

As we snuggled in to sleep, I thought - it was a good day. My bladder problem is gone. My stomach is full of good food and had a nice visit with good friends. We are at mile 941.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great hike Catra.
For everyone else, make sure you tell Catra that she needs to start eating more.
She has already lost 11 pounds and looks good but will be looking realy skinny if she keeps going that way.

Jo Lynn said...

Everyone has a nickname out there. What's your nickname Catra?

Dieselmota said...

EAT Catra!

Go strong.

Jurek said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures Catra! You look great!

runrgrrl7 said...

It's good to hear from you. You look good and strong keep it up! Takecare.


Auggie's mom said...

cat, can't wait until you get back so we can run the trails again. be safe!

litsl said...

Aaron was a bit of a star. We met him on the bus later and he let us pile into his car and drove us to the Deli in Mammoth.

Huge thanks Aaron!!!


litsl said...

PS I saw someone ask about Catra's Nickname. Of course the official version is Dirt Diva.

However, having seen her performance I think she has Alien DNA so we wondered about Alien Girl. Or perhaps, Tattooine - this is Luke Skywalker's home desert planet. Seemed kind of appropriate i thought!